What folks are saying about Daisy

"Daisy's EP shows extraordinary promise, her fresh voice and quirky narrative sensibility is reminiscent of Kacey Musgraves at her best but still always her own. A forceful combination of honesty and artistry."
-Texas Music Magazine

"I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with rising star singer-songwriter, Daisy O’Connor for a cup of coffee and what turned out to be one of the more enlightening and inspiring Ovrld interviews I’ve ever done."
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Bailey Cool, ovrld.com

“Daisy’s soft, whisper of a voice entices you into her world of lyrically crafted stories that will keep you fixed on every word.  She is definitely one to watch.”
-Nancy Coplin, Public Space Music

"It's a shame Bellingham native Daisy moved to Austin a few years back because holy cow, her music is beautiful. Daisy's growth as a musician and songwriter is simply stunning."
-What's Up Magazine 

"I'm still listening to your CD and am frankly blown away. The writing, production, and your delivery. AMAZING. You actually interrupted my night ... again. I had to shut everything down and just listen to you. This is so original."
Terri Hendrix, Grammy Award Winning Songwriter