Austin Shows

Howdy y'all! I'm home for the spring finishing up the Lightchasers album and resting up before the summer tour.  I have a few shows and I'd love to see y'all there.

I'm super stoked to share a show with friend…

New Music Coming!

I've been hibernating hardcore this winter at Good Danny's Studio w/ Fat Fuse Music. We're making the first full length Daisy record, and its sounding amazing!
Can't wait to share these songs with you.  More soon. 
<3 Daisy

Happy Holidays from DaisyLand! 

   As 2015 rolls to a quiet close, I find myself reflecting on a year of adventure. I got to tour the country and share songs, stories, and smiles while writing a song a week along the way. Wow! Thanks…

Happy Winter!

I'm so thankful to be home for the holidays in Austin, TX!  I'm taking the winter off from touring to make my first full-length record and I can't wait to share the songs with you. 

2015 was the best year…

Fall Tour

 Thanks to everyone who's come to my shows this summer and helped make my first season of touring so special.  

The folk road rolls on, and I'm continuing to write a song a week on the road this fall. I'll…

Wild West Tour!

I'm excited to be touring the wild west this summer- spending time in some of my favorite places and writing songs along the way!


7/28-   Santa Fe, NM 
7/29-   Taos, NM 
7/31-   Colorado Springs, CO 
8/2-     Boulder, CO

Summer Tour!

7/12-   Mt Bethel, PA (w/ Shawnee Kilgore)
7/14-   New York City (w/ Shawnee Kilgore)
7/16-   Shelburne Falls, MA (w/ Shawnee Kilgore)
7/17-   Portland, ME (w/ Shawnee Kilgore)
7/18-   Long Island, ME (w/ Shawnee Kilgore)
7/28-   Santa Fe, NM