From the recording LIGHTCHASERS

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I mighta spent 50 more dollars than I made
It mighta been that day
I mighta charged up my card just to pay
It had to be that way
So meet me in the middle at Cain’s Ballroom
Sip dandelion moonshine
Let’s take a turn
You gave up your wallet
I lost my ring
Being grown up don’t mean anything

We could get us a mortgage
And a real front porch
Put a hammer to the house
We could get a hound
But I cashed in my retirement plan
To make my first record
Is your wallet looking any better?

What I a grown up anyway?
Buying second class salt
Talking bout our pains
Praying for the day
We find our way
Can it be today?

All my friends are having kids
All my friends are buying homes
They got real jobs and credit cards
They're buying their tombstones
I’m running for the stories
And I’m loving for the lines
Am I’m gonna be alright?
Are we gonna be alright?

What is a grown up anyway?
Singing second chance songs
Working for our pay
Dreaming of the day
We get to play
Let’s do it today