1. Tuesday

From the recording LIGHTCHASERS

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Living on honey and a half note
Drinking my money each night
Sipping sweet rye
Watching smoke from the lies
Passing from your lips to mine
My shoes have been soled and resoled
Its hard to go anywhere anymore
So come over on time
Bring a bottle of wine
Cuz its Tuesday, and baby I’m yours

Loving my hero in half light
We’re cheating the hangman by candlelight You reset my blood
Skinning teeth with your gun
C’mon medicine man, heal me

My debt has been sold and resold
I don’t owe anybody anything anymore
So lets make love like sailors on shore leave sometime
This Tuesday, baby I’m yours

The chance for a cheap thrill
Fifty dollar bill
Take another pill
Baby we can’t go on meeting like this
Another radio rock star
Adopt a folk singer
But no touching
No touching
Don’t touch me like that

Cuz my body’s been sold and resold
Its hard to know anything anymore
So lets make love like singles in silk sheets tonight
Cuz its Tuesday, and baby I’m yours.