1. WILD

From the recording ETHER


I'm burning down
Breaking bones
Cooling down
Drying out
I'm a field run fallow
Under February snow
Can't find a hand to hold
It couldn't keep me from the cold

My heroes aren't heroes
My demons dealing doubles through the night

Remember you were made wild
Rows and ridges fence the mind
Grow your hair out in the rain
Dig your roots down deeper in the dirt and find
You are right on time

I planted seeds, let them go
Walked away, let them grow
You and me, we are trees
Crossing roots and standing tall
Wrapping branches round the fall

And our heroes aren’t heroes
Writer of words, what's that worth?

Remember you were made wild
Roll in ribbon grass and rhymes
Dance your clothes off in the day
Take a breath, breathe out the pain
You'll be alright
Children of the wild

Now the drought is over
Let it rain, let it cry
Til springtime shines

Remember you were made wild