From the recording ETHER


The rain and the rubber
Can’t get out
Sitting on the road
Wishing for another
Theres a burn in the middle of my chest
Hips locked from braking into impact
Cut me out, shoot me up

Your words on my windshield
Put me down, keep me in the same wheel
Hits like this break ya down over time
Can't talk back baby, gotta take it like ya done a crime

Gonna climb in a cave, gonna hide
Can’t walk around safe so i’ll stay inside
The storm came and this is how i live now
With a seatbelt scar and a whiplash heart

Getting by on CBD, caffeine, clean cooking and vitamin D
Long walks, slow walks, slip around the same block
Never calling you back
I’m never calling you back
Is it killing you fast?

Gonna wait on the clouds to pass me by
Gonna wait on the storm to roll me over
Can’t keep waiting cuz its all a lie
Gotta learn to live how I am now
Cuz this is who I am now

Waiting thru the whiplash

Triggers take take take me back
As small as a look or a turn from the dash
The rain in the air, the burn of the rubber
The smoke on your breath
You sound like my mother

Gonna climb in a tree gonna hide
I can’t walk around safe so I'll stay high
The storm came and this is how I live now
With a seatbelt scar and a whiplash heart
Whiplash heart