1. I Told You So

From the recording Do Be Do


You walk on by me down on the beach
Looking like you just had the sweetest taste
Of I told you so
You said I told you so
You laugh at me as if to say
My silly little lines won’t take today
I told you so
You said I told you so

You said love is real, love is true, love is everywhere to you
I promise you

So just you wait and soon you’ll see
Love’s waiting for you down by bay
In tall rain boots
With a bucket
So you can dig and dig and dig to your hearts content
But whatever you dig has already been sent
So find a log where can watch the tide roll in

And you can pitch and moan like a mast in the wind
Blown by the islands down to the main land

So follow this tide down as far as it goes
Walk on water, stomp on stomp on clam shells
Cuz I’m just me, and you’re still you
And I don’t think we’re changing anytime soon

Cuz what you want has been here all along
In shiny purple shells and barnacle rocks
Big grey sky and cold cold wind
Can’t cover up the sound . . .

Of your I told you so
I told you so
Baby I told you so
You said I told you so
Yeah yeah yeah, I told you so

by Daisy O'Connor